Richard Serra - Pulitzer Museum: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

February 2013


St. Louis, Missouri Skyline

St. Louis, Missouri
February 2013


Austin, Texas January 2012

Miller House & Garden: Columbus, Indiana
Eero Saarinen, 1953


Since moving to the Dallas area I wanted to take full advantage of all the city had to offer. Here are some photos that show some of the adventures me and my friend Holli embarked on.

Our first adventure was a trip on the DART light rail system to North Park Mall. We could have gone to any mall in the area but North Park is particularly special. It is known for its high mid century modern style, and not only is it a mall but it displays art as well. So while you are shopping you are walking next to these large thought provoking sculptures. It is quite fantastic!

After our shopping was done our day was just beginning. We got back on the DART and headed further into the city. We didn’t really know where we wanted to go so we randomly got off at a station. We chose the city place/uptown station, which is not the most pleasant station during the summer I might add. It’s nicely constructed but it lacks AC…… and in Dallas Texas no matter how far underground you go its still going to be HOT! Wanting to get out we rode the many escalators to get to the street level……. No we did not take the stairs. We left that up to the sorority girls that were working out on them. To our surprise we found a trendy little neighborhood at the top and finished the day with pizza!

Fort Worth

On another adventure of Holli and I, we set out to go to Fort Worth to see the building we heard about all first semester, the Kimbell Art Museum by Luis Kahn. It’s barrel vaults and use of material were fantastic and were even better than the pictures we had seen. The natural lighting was to die for! You could sense where the clouds were covering the sun without seeing the clouds! It was magical!¬†However it was a lot smaller than I made it out to be. The only bad part was a lot of it was under construction because they are adding an addition by Renzo Piano. I feel like we didn’t get the true experience because we weren’t allowed to wonder the grounds….. but that’s ok, I think the architecture studio is taking a trip in Spring 2014. The addition is supposed to be completed by November of 2013! Fingers crossed!

Here is the link for the new addition! ———>¬†

Right across the street is The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. This museum’s architecture got Holli and I really excited because it is designed by Tadao Ando. We had come in contact with another building of his, the Pulitzer Museum in St. Louis, on our architecture field trip in February. There also happened to be a sculpture by Richard Serra who has a piece at the Pulitzer and The Modern in Fort Worth! Both are awesome and recommend going to visit just to see these amazing structures. Ando manages to interestingly add water features that compliment the clean lines in both museums that we have seen. Serra makes one interact with his sculptures whether its walking in a pinwheel motion or banging against the sides to hear the cool noises, while his steel structures are quite fun to play in, he make its hard when trying to keep your cool around your professors. After going to these two visually stimulating places, we finished the day by going to the Fort Worth Water Gardens designed by Phillip Johnson! I don’t have pictures of this because my camera died but there are some pictures in a previous post.

Stay tuned! This weekend I am meeting some other architecture friends and we are going to go the Nasher, The Perot, and Klyde Warren.

A Move to the Middle

So recently I moved about 5 hours north to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to take Plane Trigonometry at a community college. I couldn’t find the class in San Antonio so I am currently living at my aunts house in Plano, Texas. Plano is almost exactly halfway between Fayetteville— where my college is—– and San Antonio. While I’m sad to be gone for a month from my friends and family, I am taking the opportunity to see some of the finer built environments that North Texas has to offer. So here is a picture of me at the Phillip Johnson designed Fort Worth water gardens over looking the skyline. A testament to new beginnings and something my professor Laura Terry would always say, “No Fear!”

Check out the photographer who took these!

Shaking in the Shaker Village

Hi everyone this is me, Sam. I believe to start things off, a formal introduction is required. Currently I am in my second year studying at the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas. I like big cities, black labs, and beautiful architecture. I grew up in San Antonio, Tx and have no plans of moving back! A little about the photo above…….. it was taken at the shaker village just outside Louisville, KY. It also happened to be 20 degrees and snowing! Anyways be prepared to be entertained by future posts because I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Ok bye!